Business Office: 10 N. Calvert Street Suite #L100 Baltimore, Maryland 21202 Telephone: 410-385-9666 Business Office Hours: Monday through Friday (only) 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Registration Hours: Monday through Friday (only) 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
AGAPE Driving School, LLC

10 N. Calvert Street  Suite #L100

Baltimore, Maryland   21202-8701

Telephone: 410-385-9666

AGAPE (pronounced a-gah-pee) meaning divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing love; the kind of love GOD says we should have for each other) Driving School, LLC started as the vision of Robert S. Coppage since 2003.  His vision was to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to learning how to properly operate a motor vehicle, yet to make that learning experience totally different from all the other driving schools currently in existence.

In November 2005, Robert S. Coppage, Anthony E. Prater, and Vanessa A. Delaney officially opened AGAPE Driving School, LLC, at 10 N. Calvert Street Suite #249. Here at AGAPE Driving School, LLC, we are committed to providing a service that totally exceeds our customers', as well as the general public's expectations. Our Business Office is located at 10 N. Calvert Street #L100, so please enter the building on the Fayette Street side, (ramp with a gold railing) next to Sam's Lobby Convenience store.

When you successfully complete your 36-Hour Driver Education requirements at AGAPE Driving School, LLC, you will find that you received much more than your required certification.  You will realize that you also receive "life lessons". This valuable information will include how to shop for your first car, how to choose the 'right' insurance company; how to change a flat tire; how to drive in different driving conditions, etc.


"We'd Love 2 Teach You 2 Drive"